The GCINAMASIKO ARTS and HERITAGE TRUST is committed to preserving oral history, providing writing, story-creation and storytelling opportunities and enhancing a culture of reading within both established institutions (especially those who have poor access to resources) and the public arena of South Africa using the medium of edutainment as a basis for delivery of its aims and objectives.



  • Contribute to the heritage of story-telling as an art-form through festivals, mentoring, training, public debates and performances
  • Establish programmes that give the broader public access to facilities that allow them to share their own stories, histories and experiences
  • To promote a culture of reading and writing through skills-transfer workshops and performances at schools
  • Programmes implemented will include a strong focus on empowering women and the girl-child whilst ensuring that men and the boy-child are not excluded


In 2012, at inception, the Trust inherited groundbreaking programmes and projects that Dr. Gcina Mhlophe, the Executive Director of the Gcinamasiko Arts and Heritage Trust, had implemented effectively for many years.

The Nozincwadi Mother of Books project is one of these projects, it is now in its 15th year of implementation. This project has donated more than 5 000 books to more than 50 schools nationally during its time and will continue to see Dr. Gcina Mhlophe visiting schools, particularly rural and under-resourced schools in KwaZulu Natal, donating books from established libraries to schools that do not have libraries.

Spirit of Light

Annually on the 9th of August, Woman’s Day, Dr. Gcina Mhlophe shares her passion for motivating, inspiring and encouraging all people, particularly especially woman, to achieve their dreams. The annual Spirit of Light event is one such event, which has been hosted in Durban since 2013. Woman from all walks of life attend and share ‘how they are shinning a light in their community’. The event has grown to also actively seek to engage empowered men as well as youth to come together and share their experiences. The 2014 event included the organization called, Brothers for Life and the 2015 event featured “Women In The Making” where young woman were given a voice to be seen and heard. In 2016, the event increased its reach to include project partners:  ICC Durban for the Durban event held to celebrate International Womens’ Day and Turquoise Harmony Institute and JT Communications for a Spirit of Light event held in Johannesburg on 20th May 2016.

The Gcina Mhlophe Memory House

In 2015, The Gcinamasiko Arts and Heritage Trust announced a historic heritage project – The Gcina Mhlophe Memory House, which will be based in the Durban. This will be a Oral History Museum and the first public “home of storytelling” to be established in South Africa.  The Memory House will be a space where visitors from all walks of life can listen to stories and histories of ordinary people, record their own stories, view heritage films, documentaries and other material in an environment conducive to honour African Oral Tradition. The project is currently in development with a fundraising campaign being the focus and priority in 2016.

Washu Mama Kimi // Gcina Mhlophe and Bheki Khoza - Hope Song
  1. Washu Mama Kimi // Gcina Mhlophe and Bheki Khoza - Hope Song
  2. Sanibonani // Gcina Mhlophe and Bheki Khoza - Hope Song
  3. Ngiyabonga Nkosi // Gcina Mhlophe and Bheki Khoza - Hope Song
  4. Khumbulani // Gcina Mhlophe and Bheki Khoza - Hope Song
  5. Hope Song // Gcina Mhlophe and Bheki Khoza - Hope Song
  6. Bones of Memory // Gcina Mhlophe and Bheki Khoza - Hope Song
  7. Abantu Besizwe // Hope Song
  8. Abadala // Gcina Mhlophe and Bheki Khoza - Hope Song